Here are my Lorna’s Laces, all done. I WAS able t…

Here are my Lorna’s Laces, all done. I WAS able to get both socks out of one hank of yarn!
Finished Lorna’s Laces

Here are Jason’s sock and sock-in-progress. I think I did a pretty good job of matching up the stripes. They’re so huge compared to mine, but they fit great!
Jason’s Regia

Here are the 2 other skeins of sock yarn I bought from The Knitter. Her customer service is great (and I love sites that have FREE shipping)! She personally emailed a quick response to a question I had, and the order took less than a week to arrive.
Sock yarn purchase!

Oh I just checked the mail and got a little package from my SP4! Thank you for the great romance novel and St Paddy’s Day Card! Can’t wait to read the book 🙂

I also got some tea from Scent by Spirit today. It smells delicious, and although it’s warm outside (though it will be turning bitterly cold later today), it’s very dreary and rainy, so I’ll be brewing up a cup or two in a little bit. Now to decide between Praline Crunch, Caramel Apple, Spiced Apple Cider or La Befana. They all look and smell yummy!

I was browsing through my bloglines account earlier and happened upon Lynne’s blog– Freddy Knits. I read it when I get a chance (which hasn’t been too often lately, I must confess, as goes for all the blogs on my bloglines list) and remember entering a contest a while back. Well, I won! I got to pick a skein of yarn as my prize and I now have some Koigu on it’s way to me. Hurray!


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