R.I.P. Dear dear Caseins RIP caseins You provide…

R.I.P. Dear dear Caseins

RIP caseins

You provided me with six wonderful pair of socks. Oh how I wish it were more.

You’ll see that one needle snapped in FIVE pieces. The other only broke in half. I have since found my Bryspuns and have started a sock with them.

The good news is, I finished Jason’s socks! The stripes ALMOST match up. He didn’t seem too upset about the little mishap though. He already proclaimed that he’s wearing them tomorrow.
Jason’s Finished Socks

Since I was able to finish Jason’s socks last night, I started another pair of my own. While watching Survivor and CSI, I managed to get to the heel flap. I’m going to try to find another pattern to use for my next pair. I figured I’d go with the basic sock for this one, since they’re a stripe pattern and I didn’t want to mess up the stripes. I didn’t go with the Eye of Partridge heel though, and now I’m thinking I should have. The regular heel flap is definitely not going to hold up as well. Oh well. I’m using a skein of the Knitpicks yarn I bought– the Lana Grossa Meleinweit. I needed a pair of socks to go with my khaki pants I wear for work and I think these will do nicely. The color switches are a little muddy, but overall I think they look nice. You can also see the great stitch markers that Julie sent me. Thanks again Julie!

Next sock progress

And here is a picture of the sock yarn that arrived at my house yesterday:

Knitpicks purchase

Enough yarn to make 2 pair from the Lana Grossa (and if they’re both for me, probably enough for 4 pair since I can get 2 pair from each 100 gram ball)– 1 in Marina #5080 and 1 in Cashew #5120. There is also 2 balls each (although only 1 is pictured in each colorway) Regia King’s Blue Mini-Ringel (5219), Circus Strato (5738) and Rio Mini-Ringel (5217). In case you were wondering, I’m currently knitting with the Cashew Lana Grossa yarn.

I finally watched “Forgotten” yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t bad, although I definitely think the theatrical ending was better than the alternate ending after watching both. I didn’t realize it was about aliens, so now Jason wants to watch it and I can’t return it yet. I may watch Vanity Fair later. All the reviews I’ve read were bad, but I still think I MIGHT like it. We’ll see. We also have Ladder 49 to watch.

I must say I’m glad Kim was booted off Survivor, even though she’s currently attending my alma mater, Wright State University. She was so annoying. I’m disappointed that her tribe didn’t win the challenges yesterday, although their “privy” was clearly the loser. I just want to get to know the characters on the other tribe a little better, and we rarely get to see them because they can’t lose an immunity challenge!

Well, I hope everyone has a great Friday! I have to go sort out a payroll problem– the school district I sub for shorted me a day, so I get to go play phone tag since they never give us a direct number or email to any departments. Oh joy. I may also hit the thrift store and library later.

Gimme 3!

*List 3 things you’ve done that I probably haven’t.
1. Looked for a full time job for 4 years (yikes that sounds BAD). Ok 3 years since I actually had one last year and then got layed off.
2. Gone for a ride down Woodward Avenue (US 1) during the Dream Cruise in a ’78 Camaro (the car was/is the same age as me).
3. Won $2,500 at a quarter slot machine in Vegas less than a month after I turned 21.

*Tell me 3 things in your life that make you happy.
1. Jason, my husband
2. Knitting
3. Our animals, Patches the cat and Marzi the dog (most of the time that is)

*Tell me the last 3 things you did to treat yourself.
1. Bought Johnson & Johnson Lavender Baby bath to take bubble baths in (it smells SO good!)
2. Knit a pair of socks for myself (ok, more than one pair LOL)
3. Bought a cherry coke at Kroger the other day


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