I have a really crappy attitude today. I don’t kn…

I have a really crappy attitude today. I don’t know why. I tried to watch a movie and knit this morning, but Next Stop Wonderland (my movie choice) just bored me. I do have Sex and the City Season 4 (I’m rewatching all the old seasons, courtesy of the library), Collateral and Dodgeball here to watch, too. (and don’t forget Survivor on tonight!) Perhaps I’m having a bad day because it’s been an awful mail week (hmf my body smirks– it was the half bottle of wine last night, you idiot! I didn’t hear that). I’ve been expecting a package from Knitpicks (a set of size 1 needles and 2 skeins of their Merino handpainted sock yarn) and my new sub to FC Easy Knitting and nothing has arrived. I haven’t even gotten any other decent magazines or catalogs for bathtime reading either.

Speaking of reading, I did stop at the library this morning and picked up Why Girls are Weird by Pamela Ribbon. While it’s not the most literary book I’ve ever read, and is essentially chick lit fluff, it’s pretty funny. It’s about a women who, bored with her librarian job, ends up starting a website and posts “stories” (basically, her life in disguise) on the site (kind of like blogging). It has just the right amount of things that strike me as being really true– the “blogging” (although it’s not called that in the book), the references to Lloyd Dobler (the perfect man), John Cusack, High Fidelity. Hmm. Somehow this Pamela Ribbon must have the same fascination I do with John Cusack. Did anyone else think High Fidelity the book was way better than the movie? Although, I did rather enjoy John Cusack in it. Ok, enough with John Cusack already. (I love him and watched Say Anything again last weekend!)
Edit: P.S. I just found out the author has a blog here: http://www.pamie.com/
I just finished the book (yes, I am a fast reader), and there was even a reference to Ben Folds Five. Sigh. A book after my own heart. Turns out, the book was based on true events– a lot of what was written, actually happened to her– including actual “diary” (blog) entries. How cool?

Turns out there’s a lot of drama/blog-war crappage going on right now between chibis and Wendys and curmudgeons. And darn. I missed it all. Sheesh the drama of knitters; we’re like a regular soap opera.

Yes, this is a knitting blog. Here are my knitterly pictures.

Finished Regia 6 socks

Cascade 220 sock progress

I’m almost done with the gussett on the second sock.

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