No Knitpicks order again today. Grrr. My last or…

No Knitpicks order again today. Grrr. My last order only took 2 days after I got my shipping confirmation. After all, I’m in MI and they ship from Ohio. It’s not that far to travel! Oh well. I finished the Cascade 220 socks– I love how thick they are! I cast on for the match to my Broadripple this morning, and am currently about 1/2 way through the leg.

Not much else to report. Alice, I’ll come over for popcorn, knitting and some TV– just pop that popcorn girly! I’m always a sucker for those 3 things. Popcorn (lots of butter), knitting (no butter) and TV. Fun fun fun. I’ll be checking out The Office tonight– it looks hilarious. Nancy, you should totally read the book I blogged about yesterday. Who doesn’t love John Cusack references… sigh. LOL Thank you, Wendy G. for the compliments on my Regia socks; I wore them today to work and the kids I subbed for raved over them 🙂 Gotta love kids being fascinated by knitting!
Oh and Lolly, Knit Socks is a great sock book. It covers the basics, as well as some other really interesting patterns. My only problem with it, is that all the patterns are cuff down, heel flap, and gussetted. I’d like to try a few different heels. Can anyone recommend a book for that? I have Twisted Sisters, but have heard bad things about the Hourglass Heel in there being holey.

Well, this officially starts my Spring Break. Next week I have to research teacher job fairs, work on my resume, and apply to Oakland University, as well as set up a meeting there. I’m more than likely going back to school this summer to get an additional endorsement/certification in History. We’ll see.


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