I’ve been busy this morning trying to catch up on …

I’ve been busy this morning trying to catch up on a million loads of laundry and dishes. We ran out of dishwashing detergent Thursday, so the dishes were really piling up (neither Jason or I will do dishes by hand; we abhor them). My parents and my brother are coming up next Wednesday or Thursday so I need to get everything else cleaned up, too. So far, the tub is the only thing I’ve conquered (in addition to laundry and dishes). I did, however, manage to finish my Broadripple socks while watching Dodgeball this morning!

Finished Broadripples

See how beautifully they’re displayed? I picked up some cheap hangers and fashioned my own sock blockers. I’m really pleased with how they show off the socks. I’m testing them out to see if I like them, and if I use them a lot, I may purchase actual sock blockers. We’ll see. So far, I really like how I can bend these to fit different sized socks. If you’d like to make your own, check out this link. At first, I tried to use regular wire hangers, but I couldn’t get them to bend as well, so I picked up the cheapy plastic-coated ones and it was super-easy. Here’s a pic of them:


And here’s a belated picture of my Cascade 220 socks.
Finished Cascade 220 socks

I haven’t decided what socks I’ll cast on for next. I MAY try the Retro Rib socks in the Winter ’04 IK. Haven’t decided for sure yet; I’m going to take one more browse through of Knit Socks to see if anything else strikes my fancy.

Have a Happy Early Easter!


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