Not much going on here today. I finished my first…

Not much going on here today. I finished my first in the pair of Afterthought Heel socks and I must say, it may be a single sock. I HATE it. I hated picking up the stitches once I ripped out the waste yarn and I ended up with HORRIBLE gusset holes. Not too mention my heel is pointy. I think I’ll stick with the heel flap/gusset patterns for a while. I literally threw my knitting across the room when I saw the holes. Jason thinks I’m insane, but he was wise to say nothing. *smirk*

I cast on last night for the Cloverleaf socks from the Six Sox knitalong out of the Knitpicks Sock yarn from my SP4. I joined up a few weeks ago to check out the patterns, and while I won’t be knitting them all (no stashbusters or beaded socks for me), I’m excited for the unveiling of the new pattern on April 1st. The new Knitty will be out that week, too, and I can’t wait for that either. Other than that, I just have the PMS blues. Ugh. I hate cramps and back pain. At least the weather is decent. I have all the windows open for the first time this year and am about to hang a blanket on the clothesline.

I found out about a great needle website– on Knitters Review. The sell Swallows in size 0, 1 and 1 1/2!! I didn’t even know they were MADE in those sizes! I know I said I swore them off, but Jason inspected the ones that snapped and he said they probably just get brittle when they get old. So I’m willing to give them another chance. Especially since these bamboos are still “sticky” with the stitches for my taste. Anyway, I know where I’ll be shopping when I have some money. Won’t be for a while though, since I just spent all our “fun” money on Jason’s birthday presents. My parents are coming up this weekend, and for Jason’s birthday, we’re going to Buca Di Beppos. I can’t wait.


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