Story with a Happy Ending Subtitled: Patches the …

Story with a Happy Ending
Subtitled: Patches the Adventurer

And Jason wonders why I yelled. A little background: most of the screens in our windows are set at the top of the window, because our late dog, Otis (13 1/2 year old yellow lab), liked to jump through the screens if we were outside. The only ones that aren’t, are our kitchen windows and the bathroom. Patches, our cat, loves to look out the window and remember the days when he was an indoor/outdoor cat. For the first 7 years of his life, he spent it with Jason’s friend and his family, and he was allowed to wander freely on their property. When we saved him from the shelter, we declared him an indoor cat (after one time when he escaped and, we think, got into some kind of poison in our old garage. One blood transfusion and $1500 later, we made that decision).

Anyway, do you see where this story is going? Jason accidentally opened the TOP of the bathroom window in our 75 degree heat yesterday; the part without the screen was open for a few hours. When I went to wash up before bed I saw that it was open and yelled, and then closed it, not thinking anything of it. We went to bed, and woke up, 45 minutes later than normal (the cat’s incessent meowing to be fed didn’t wake us). Jason was panic-striken when he realized the cat escaped, but he didn’t tell me until he turned on all the outdoor lights this morning (p.s. I hate this whole spring forward thing. I’m still utterly exhausted). He turned on the front porch light and Patches looked up and meowed. Halelujah! He then came and told me what had happened. Thank goodness for happy endings.

P.S. I saw an “illegal” free preview of the new Knitty this morning. Ooops! I wasn’t too impressed (no sock patterns ;(), but there are one or maybe two things I’m considering.

I’m in a really cranky mood today. Thanks for everyone’s comments, including you, SP4. Speaking of SPs, I haven’t heard from my KR secret pal in a while. How’re you doing KRSP?

Anyway, I’m off to fix a mug of tea– hopefully it puts me in a better mood.


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