Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I just got back from our ne…

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I just got back from our new Meijer’s Grand Opening (2 minutes down the road) and they have TWO whole aisle devoted to yarn. Since the nearest Joann’s or Michael’s is 30 minutes away (as are all LYS), this is fantastic news! They sell Magic Stripes (which no Joann’s or Michael’s around here does) and Paton’s Classic Wool among other things. They also had lots of needles (double points and circs, too!) and books, including Pursenalities, which I’ve been wanting to see. Fun fun fun. Alas I bought no yarn today though, just picked up the pantyhose I needed for tomorrow’s job fair, and some of their cheap doorbuster specials (you have to love $1 boxes of cereal and $2 bottles of detergent!). I love Meijer because it’s one of those stores you can buy everything in, but you don’t have to feel guilty like I always do when I shop at someplace like Wal-mart.

I’m being very undecided about knitting right now. I’m about 2 1/2 inches away from the toe decreases in my cloverleaf sock. I knit almost all day yesterday while subbing. All of the teacher’s classes were study halls with only about 5-7 students per class, as most of them were on a field trip. Very boring (hey, I LIKE to TEACH, not babysit), but at least I got some knitting done. I’m trying to decide what to cast on for next. What do you think it should be?

a. Knitty’s Tempting in either Simply Soft or Cotton Ease

b. Lace up tank from Spring/Summer 2004 Vogue Knitting out of ?? yarn (perhaps the Microspun it calls for but this would require a purchase)

c. A Chickami out of either Elann’s Sonata in blue or burghandy, or the rust colored Stone Cotton

d. Honeymoon tank out of one of the Sonatas

e. This awesome mini-cardigan out of Auracania Wool (a bughandy color) or the handspun my MIL gave me 2 Christmas’s ago (a grey-blue color)

f. Boobholder out of one of many of the yarns in my stash, perhaps cotton ease

g. Something entirely different

h. another pair of socks while I decide

My criteria: I do not want to sew seams (with the exception of attaching shoulder seams or other SMALL seams) so it must be worked in the round. I’d prefer it to be cotton right now, as I need some nice spring/summer clothes and we’re entering that season.

I can’t decide! Argggg.

Oh well, while I’m trying to decide, I can read thebookbookbook, as it just arrived from Amazon today!

And no worries, KRSP; I haven’t bought any jewelry for the past few days, although I am still looking for the perfect Amethyst set. I have managed to conjure up some restraint. Although, my celadon ring showed up Monday, and it’s gorgeous!!

If you haven’t voted yet, please go vote for Patches! He’s in the semifinals and voting ends Thursday night!


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