Stress stress stress. I just got back from a teac…

Stress stress stress. I just got back from a teacher job fair a little while ago. I HATE job fairs. There are so many teachers looking for jobs in Michigan, it’s absolutely ridiculous. You wait for, literally, more than an hour to talk to a school district, hand them your resume, tell them what you’re certified to teach and they say, “Well, we’re not expecting any openings in that field, so I’ll just give you your resume back. You might want to check our website in the future, though, just in case!”
It pisses me off to no end. I was there for 3 1/2 hours and talked to 4 districts, and no one gave a real interview. It was all, just check our website! tra la la! I know you just waited for hours, but I don’t want to talk to you! ARRRRRGGGGG

No I’m not bitter, I’ve just been looking for a public school teaching job since 2001!!!!!!!!

Ok enough already. I’m stressing myself out more. You know, I always wondered if knitting really was a relaxing activity for me, and last night when I was stressing majorly about the job fair, I pulled out my knitting and felt SO much better. So I can honestly say that knitting relaxes me. I also managed to finish (Ok I still have to weave in the 2 ends on one sock) the cloverleaf socks! Pics to come, perhaps tomorrow. Speaking of relaxing, I bought some Smithwicks Irish Ale today. I hope it’s good– it’s brewed by Guinness and I really like Guinness, so here’s hoping. Supposedly it’s pronounced Smid-icks by the Irish, so I think I shall henceforth call it that as well.


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