Jaimi is the contest winner! Email me with your a…

Jaimi is the contest winner! Email me with your addy to claim your prize!

I have spent all day in front of the computer applying for and searching for jobs, so this will be short and sweet. There was a major catastrophe in Ribby Shell land, as the knitter in charge twisted her join and continued to work for 3 inches. Oh joy. So, I decided instead, to cast on for a Sitcom Chic last night, using some pistachio green Cotton Ease in my stash. I said to myself, “Self. I will knit this unflattering color up as a practice and then do a nicer one in perhaps blueberry or icey blue later.” Why didn’t self answer and say, “You stupid gal, they’re discontinuing cotton ease?” Well, self didn’t know until this morning.

Yes, it’s true. I just found out today and think I will cry. Cotton Ease is being discontinued just as I was starting to like it. Boo hoo. Which means my broke little ass will have to go and buy some soon before it disappears. Grrrr.

Sigh. I am off to go sulk with a glass of wine, some major carbs, including but perhaps not limited to pasta, rolls and chocolate cake, and a Lost re-run. Is it May yet? The new episodes start up again in May. CAN’T WAIT.

Did I mention I am hooked on watching House now, as well? The first time I saw it, I just thought it was ok– a little too dramatic for me, but I must say it’s reeled me in!


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