Ok so Wednesday it was 84 and now it’s snowing. U…

Ok so Wednesday it was 84 and now it’s snowing. Ugh. It’s actually sticking to the ground, too.
I’m still feeling kind of crappy, but I did go to Joann’s and the thrift store yesterday. Here’s what I got:

Joann’s Purchase

Yep, I had to go and buy some Cotton Ease. It was regular price (except for one skein which I used a coupon on), and it’s the Candy Blue colorway. The fabric scraps were 66% off, so I bought a few of those as well. The denim is enough for 3 or 4 pillows and was only $1-$1.50 (there are two remnants), and the striped may become a needle holder or other pouch– it’s canvas. I’m not sure what I’ll use the 1 yard of pink fleece for, but it matches some printed fleece fabric I already have.

Thrift Store Purchase

Yes, I bought a Bedazzler. Tee hee- it was only $3, and it’s brand new so how could I pass it up? I may try to add some “dazzle” to a felted purse in the future. I also bought a deck of Brainquest cards– these are FABULOUS for substitute teachers. They’re especially great when you don’t have enough time to read a story, but there’s too much time to just sit there, particularly at the end of the day or before lunch. I have all the grade level sets between 2nd and 7th grade (other thrift store and Ebay purchases), and these will be a great addition to my collection for $1.99.

And here’s a close-up of my other purchase, for 39 cents! It’s so retro, but there’s only 2 patterns– a horrible bonnet and a pair of TV slippers. It’s hilarious, there was no way I could pass it up. It was printed in 1968.

Close-up of Book

Ok, I’m going back to the marathon of Nashville Star, and Season 4 of Sex and the City on dvd. We did watch Meet the Fockers last night; it was hilarious. I’m still plugging away on Sitcom Chic. I’m thinking of making it short-sleeved, but we’ll see. Has anyone attempted that?


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