Long Awaited (snicker) Pictures! I just received …

Long Awaited (snicker) Pictures!

I just received my last Secret Pal 4 package and I love it! It’s not a secret, however, anymore, because my SP was The Fearless Knitter! She was a fantastic sp, even succeeding in spoiling our little Marzi and Patches! Go read her blog– she has a great list of Favorite Things to spread around, as well as the possibility of a felted purse swap, which is RIGHT up my alley! I’ll post my fav things list at the bottom of this post.

Last SP4 gift and Reveal!

She sent me an awesome skein of sock yarn (don’t you worry, I can NEVER have enough sock yarn!!!), a great flower pin that she made me and a card with an uber-cute baby blanket pattern on it. Thank you so much!

Here is my current progress on Sitcom Chic, I’m still on the first sleeve. I decided to just go with the sleeves as written in the pattern, instead of trying to adjust for short sleeves.

Sitcom Chic progress and Contest Win

See the little sheepy at the top? I won it from Illanna in a contest she had. It is soo soft. She also sent me these fantastic stitch markers.

Bad photo of stitch markers from Illanna

Yes, I’m sorry for the bad picture. I couldn’t get the camera to focus on them correctly. You can see I already put one to good use!

Here is my progress on the Regia sock.
Regia sock

I think my heel may be slightly off center, as I turned the heel without my pattern, while on lunch at work, and I fear I didn’t knit the correct number of stitches. I’m not too worried about it though. I worked on it last night while watching American Idol, which I will not be watching any longer, and you will not read anything here further about it. BOO.

Please pay no attention to our rust-stained tub (I have tried and tried and tried to remove the stains, but it’s a no go–we just need a new tub), but I just have to post a picture of Patches new territory.

Patches in the tub

Here is an adorable close-up:


We think he’s FINALLY coming to terms with sharing a living space with Marzipan. He’s acting more and more like his old self.

A few of my favorite things

1. The first autumn afternoon it’s cool enough to be comfortable in a sweatshirt.
2. an extra dirty Vodka Martini
3. the gentle foot-hug of my favorite handknit socks (a toss up between my cloverleafs (cloverleaves?), Broadripples or my Cascade 220s)
4. barefeet in the green, mossy grass
5. Marzi falling asleep in my lap
6. tiramisu
7. Patches sleeping on my legs in bed
8. wildflowers
9. a knitting project turning out perfectly (hey, it could happen!)
10. fresh asparagus from the farmer’s market with lemon butter

And, as if I could forget, I was emailed by a Marketing Coordinator from Interweave Knits yesterday, asking where I got the link to their Summer Preview which I posted on Knitter’s Review. I can’t remember where I got it (and thought I was going to be in trouble), but I think I either got it from a fellow knitter, or from the Knitting LJ. Turns out, it’s a link that’s not for the public, but for stores they supply to, but she wasn’t upset, and told me they thought it was cool that so many people get a kick out of seeing the preview, but they’ll make sure not to include things like the Subscriber’s password in the future. And I think she read my blog as she mentioned something about MI having snow (scroll down to see my pics); someone from IK read my blog. I just think it’s so exciting. Yes, I am an absolute dork, but I don’t have that many readers, so I definitely think it’s exciting. Plus, I just love IK. 🙂


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