Well, after reading that people are actually winni…

Well, after reading that people are actually winning, I decided to join Blingo. It’s a search engine that gives away prizes to users like movie tickets, Blockbuster Online year memberships, Ipods, Amazon GCs and a few other things. If you’d like to sign up under me (meaning if you win, I also win!) click here.

Thank you šŸ™‚

And BOOOO to Survivor last night. I knew it was coming, but come on! It was probably the only chance they’ll get to boot off Tom and they didn’t take it. IMHO, that was a very bad move.

Jason is going to try to take a half-day of work today so we can go and see The Hitchhiker’s Guide this afternoon. I’m so excited! If we’re able to go see it, I’ll be sure and post a review tomorrow.

Friday Five
1. What is the first record/tape/CD that you bought?
Well, it would have to be either Paula Abdul Forever your Girl or New Kids on the Block (album of same name) and it was a tape. I had a great purple tape player to listen to them on.

2. Who is your favorite all time band/singer?
I have so many! Live, Coldplay, early (pre-disco) Bee Gees, Kenny Rogers (yep, I’m a dork!), Queen, Ani Difranco

3. What have you been listening to lately?
The Killers, Elliot Smith, Queen’s Greatest Hits, Allison Krauss and Union Station

4. What is your favorite radio station, what do they play, and where do they broadcast?
89X, and to be honest, I’m not sure if they broadcast out of Detroit or Windsor, Ontario. They play alternative rock (which isn’t really alternative anymore). I haven’t been able to find a really great radio station here. My old favorite from Cincinnati that I used to listen to when I lived in Ohio recently went under, 97.7, and they were a true alternative station, but they are still available online.

5. Can you recommend a good song or CD that everyone should listen to?
Coldplay– A Rush of Blood to the Head


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