Thoughts on Hitchhiker’s Guide (if you don’t want …

Thoughts on Hitchhiker’s Guide
(if you don’t want to know anything about the movie, don’t read further, although I don’t think this is much of a spoiler)

Ever since I heard they were making a movie of The Hitchhiker’s Guide, I have been intrigued on how it would carry over to a movie successfully. As I suspected, the movie was at times hilarious, but at other times incredibly stupid. They added a lot of additional things to the movie to enable it to have a bit more plot, but I didn’t enjoy what they added. At times, Zaphod Beeblebrox was just downright annoying, which really disturbed me. Not annoying in the “I’m an asshole hahaha” like he is in the book, either.
*small knitting related spoiler below*
There was, however, a fantastic knitting reference in which the entire ship turned into a ball of yarn and needles, and every character was KNIT. If you’d like to see a still, click here . It even had a character puking up a giant wad of yarn. It ws hilarious.
There’s a better picture of each character HERE.

Overall review? It was ok. It was great to see the book played out on the big screen, I just think it could have been better. Would I watch The Restaurant if it were made? Absolutely. Will I watch this movie again when it comes out on DVD? Probably.

Knitting update: I’m now on the second sleeve of the Sitcom Chic.

P.S. If you’re interested, the Free Sterling Silver jewelry Site has some fantastic new styles in. Many have multi-stones. I just bought a few for my mom for Mother’s Day. They take paypal, too, (as well as CCs) which I thought was a great thing!


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