Other internet fumbling topics of interest (still …

Other internet fumbling topics of interest (still working as a receptionist today).

Interweave is putting out a special issue in the fall that includes knitting, crochet and needlework.

New! Knitscape special issue:
for the knitting, crochet, and stitching
enthusiasts looking for edgy, hip, fun,
and fashionable patterns. On sale on
newsstands and yarn shops October 18th.
Read more about knitscape at http://www.knitscapemagazine.com/

IK Fall Issue Preview is up!


Love Essential Elegance, all the socks, Canteen Bag and the Union Square Market Sweater!

The Six Sox Knitalong unveiled a new sock pattern that I may just have to try. Go here to join.

I’ve managed to flub up or lose an entire needles worth of stitches on my first sleeve of Tempting 3 times. I was too tired to knit much last night, so I’ve barely started one sleeve so far. Hope to have pics at least over the weekend. Have to get used to this 8-5 job thing. I ran out on my lunch hour just so we would have something nonfrozen and not needing refridgeration to eat for dinner since I have to hurry home every day after work to take care of Marzi. We will be eating this tonight with whole wheat brown & serve rolls:

I also found my newest drink obsession while browsing (well, quickly browsing LOL) Whole Foods:

I LOVE actual brewed, unsweetened tea, and although I don’t usually like lemon flavored tea, because it always tastes artificial, this one has a great slightly tart, and still natural, taste. YUM!


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