Finally I have a tempting pic to show you! I’m an…

Finally I have a tempting pic to show you! I’m an inch away from the eyelets after watching Hell’s Kitchen last night. Jason is on a work trip to North Carolina, so I had the TV remote all to myself last night– he usually watches one of his motorcycle shows on the Discovery channel Monday nights. I sure am glad I’m not on that show– “chef” is so mean!
Tempting progress

I also had time to make this yesterday:
Detergent bottle watering can

You can find the directions here at Ready Made Mag It was super-simple to make– they call it a project even a monkey could make. I decorated mine with gardening scrapbook stickers I had laying around.

I’ve also been gardening outside. I dug up a ton of sod over the weekend for 3 kinds of pepper plants–red, green and banana, 4 zucchini plants, 3 unknown squash plants (they were missing their marker and Jason insisted we buy them) and 4 eggplant plants and then realized I didn’t give the squash enough room so I dug up a ton more yesterday and today. I can barely move my arms from all the digging and carrying 40 lb bags of peat and composted manure. Ugh. I also picked up a few more heirloom tomato plants since Marzi trampled my Cherokee Purple tomato plant. Meijer didn’t have anymore of the purple tomato plants, but I did get a Brandywine and a German tomato plant, as well as a jalapeno pepper and some thyme.

Since we couldn’t find any cucumber plants, I started some seeds:
More seeds started

From left to right: Garlic Chives, Jack o Lantern Pumpkins, Cucumber and Bush Cucumber. I’m think I’m going to try to vine the cucumbers up a tomato cage if I can.


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