Not much going on knitting-wise around here lately…

Not much going on knitting-wise around here lately. I’ve worked a little on the Chickami, although not enough to justify a picture. The next Mystery Stole clue comes out today, so I may work on starting that clue tonight.

I DID do a little garden craftyness this morning. I made this Record Flower.

Image hosted by

All you do is melt a 45 record over a bowl at 200 degrees F for about 5 minutes, then shape if necessary, paint a stick green, hot glue them together and add a leaf. Really easy, and I think it’s super cute! For the leaf, I cut a leaf shape out of an old Cool Whip lid and then hot glued it on.

Here are some more garden pictures:
My peony
We got 3 blooms this year! We should have tons more next year. The previous owner’s stunted the plants by dividing them and disturbing the roots really badly.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

red bell peppers, green bell peppers, banana peppers, jalapeno, bush cucumber, regular cucumber, 2 types of heirloom tomatoes, bush tomato, zucchini, another unknown squash (it was missing the tag and dh made me buy them), eggplant (there are more tomato plants in my herb garden as well)The space way by the shovel is going to be pumpkins.
Image hosted by

Baby Jalapeno peppers:
Image hosted by

Bushes Jason planted: 2 boxwoods and 2 japanese mountain fire. They were all reduced to $10 each at Home Depot.
Image hosted by

I also made up some Basil vinegar to steep yesterday, and froze a ton of chives. Jason loves cottage cheese and chives.


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