Well, it’s gardening season so I haven’t been post…

Well, it’s gardening season so I haven’t been posting or knitting as often as I’d like. I did, however, finish Tempting and am still working away on Chickami 3 while I watch TV. I’m into the increases on that.
I don’t know how I feel about my Mystery Stole. I keep screwing up somewhere and end up with the wrong number of stitches between markers. It’s taking too much concentration right now that I just don’t feel I have, so I haven’t picked it up as much as I’d like.

Most of my online time has been spent either on You Grow Girl or Gardenweb. I just planted some radishes yesterday after learning they only take 3-4 weeks from planting to harvest! I’ll plant some more seeds probably middle of next week to keep the radish harvest going. I have about 5 baby jalapeno peppers growing on my jalapeno plant and some very tiny squash blossoms forming on my zucchini plants. We had a cool spell this week so nothing has grown too much. I’ve been adding chives to everything though! I didn’t even realize that I liked chives, but since I grew it I just love it with everything.

KRSP hope everything is going well with you! I think I *may* have figured out who you are by your clues, but I’m still waiting to find out! I know you have lots going on at your house though, so I’ll wait patiently.


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