Pictures for lack of other content. I’ve been so …

Pictures for lack of other content.

I’ve been so busy working I haven’t felt like doing anything when I come home, other than the usual take care of the dog who’s been neglected all day and is always super-hyper (hey, I would be too), put a load of laundry in, transfer washer contents to the dryer and take clean basket upstairs, load/unload dishwasher, make dinner, watch tv, fall alseep. I must say, I don’t enjoy working the mailroom. There’s a lot of downtime where I have to go and work in the filing department. UGH. Not fun at all. And people come and get mad if they don’t get a package they were expecting, not to mention the fact that it’s next to impossible to remember where everyone is. Good thing it’s only for 4 more days and I get July 4th off (although it’s not paid– I haven’t worked enough hours for the agency to get a paid holiday).

I did bring you some pictures to look at though.
Here is the birdfeeder Jason gave me for my birthday. It’s nice because the perches aren’t big enough for the selfish mean blackbirds and blue jays to eat from, so it only gets frequented by the little birds like the goldfinches.
Image hosted by

Here is another gift from him– a bat house. I hope the bats like it– we have mosquitoes out the wazoo for them to eat!
Image hosted by
In front of it, you will see the rug I’m knitting. I’m about halfway through the next strip. Only 2 more to go after that one. It’s a pain because the pieces keep getting longer and longer as you go along. The seaming absolutely sucks as well (and I suck at it).

Here is the fantastic garden gnome my mom sent.
Image hosted by

My garden has been growing this week, too, even though I’ve pretty much neglected it all week.

My squash plants are blooming! Although right now, they’re just male blossoms and you need female flowers for the zucchini to grow.
Image hosted by

We have tons of daisies growing wild in the back:
Image hosted by

My morning glory vines are getting tall enough to vine around the shutters:
Image hosted by

And here are some more daisies in my flower bed. They’re my favorite flower.
Image hosted by
The tiny yellow flowers behind them are my rue.


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