I swear I’m still alive and I am knitting a little…

I swear I’m still alive and I am knitting a little. I’ve been working on Chickami the 3rd on my lunch hour, but I only take 30 minutes (so I can leave at 4), so I haven’t made a ton of progress. I’m a couple rows into the underarm shaping.

I did make a ruffle scarf over the holiday weekend. I was craving a superfast, supereasy project and this fit the bill perfectly. I cast on and bound off in a few hours. It’s the one that’s causing a little controversy on KR because it was published as the potato chip scarf at Knitpicks. That name irks me BTW. I don’t want to think about potato chips while I’m knitting– too greasy. Unless of course, they’re salt & vinegar. Those are good anytime *grin*.

MIL finally gave me my b-day presents Monday. Most notably, a $50 GC to Webs. I think I’m going to use it on an interchangeable needle set. I haven’t decided if I should go with their bamboo set or the Denises. I have to call to see if they even have the Denises in stock.

Still working in the mailroom. Ugh. Less than 2 days to go. I need a day off at home without Jason around to restore my sanity.


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