Rox was wondering why my Unky mood changed to sad,…

Rox was wondering why my Unky mood changed to sad, so I figured I’d make a quick post. My uncle Dale died on Friday. He had cancer, and we all knew it was terminal, but he was doing so well we didn’t believe the end was so near. He was planning a trip with his wife (my aunt) for August, and my parents said he was playing cards at a famiy get-together and feeling great a few weeks ago.
He will be deeply missed. I’m devastated that we can’t go to his memorial service. It’s on Wednesday and we can’t afford to take so many days off work (especially since both of us work this week). I can’t find a digital picture of him either, which makes me even more upset because I can’t do this tribute right.

I got the Harry Potter book Saturday in the mail. I’m only on the 4th page because our electricity has been out almost all weekend. No storms, but no power. It finally came back on yesterday. I’ll probably read some, if not all, of it this week at my receptionist job. I won’t have access to a computer (SHOCK), so I’ll have to do something to occupy my time. I’m not sure if they’ll be ok with me knitting, but I may pull Tivoli out. I’m on the straight stitches after the sleeves. I’m also bringing some dishcloth cotton, because Jason requested washcloths for cleaning the cars with, and that may be the perfect sized project for being inconspicuous.


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