Well, what did I tell you about my Cotton Ease Tiv…

Well, what did I tell you about my Cotton Ease Tivoli? Yep, it’s too big. ARG. I cast off last night and it is. Maybe it’ll fit my sister?
Here it is in it’s big glory:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Rather than be defeated, however, I cast on for the smaller size using Knitpicks Shine. I know the pattern calls for Shine for the largest size, but I’m hoping against hope I can get close to the right gauge with it for the smaller size.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Depending on how much I get done this week on it, I may end up taking it the sand dunes this weekend. Hopefully (depending on Jason’s work schedule), we’re going to try take a little camping trip this weekend up there. I wish we could take my Jeep, so we can drive around without the top and doors on it, but my tires rub, so we have to take Jason’s Jeep Cherokee. Cross your fingers that we can go! We haven’t been on a camping trip in AGES! If we go, we’re staying at a big party campground, with about 20 other people that I don’t know, so cross your fingers I don’t get too crazy, as well. LOL I already told Jason, no puking for me this weekend please.

That also means, however, that I have to clean the house this week, as SIL will be housesitting and dog/catsitting. Arg.

I’ve been trying to get my list of songs together for the CD Swap I joined. Each of us makes 5 cds and sends them to the 5 people on our list. I’ve decided to make mine a “mood” cd with mostly melancholy songs. I have 7 songs picked out so far.

Jason sent me on a mission to buy towels yesterday (since when do I need an excuse to shop?), and these somehow slipped into my cart as well:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
They were 75 percent off, and even though the needles and pattern aren’t the best quality, still! Needles and yarn for $3.74 and $2.48? Plus it comes with a learn to knit dvd that I can give to 3 non-knitters (after watching it myself of course!). Yes I have a sickness, and it becomes 300x worse when you combine bargain shopping with knitting shopping. teehee

Knitpicks still keeps trying to tempt me in knitting some lace. (No commenting on the Mystery Stole hiding in my WIP pile!) They’ve come out with Shadow, $2.29 for 440 yards (!), 880 yards of Paint Your Own Laceweight for $3.49 and a beautiful merino handpainted yarn, Gossamer. I love the Caribbean colorway. Sigh. Not right now. I’m just not feeling the lace. I may just have to try the new Palisade sock yarn though. I’m loving the Forest and Blues colorways. I’m such a sucker for greens, and the blues would look great with jeans.

My garden is still growing. Here is a picture of a pretty purple coneflower:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I leave you with a pic of Marzi hanging out yesterday. It was too hot to do anything else.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Do you like IFC or Green Day? (or both?) There’s a great indie movie montage at IFC’s Website here set to Green Day’s Jesus of Suburbia. It’s pretty cool.


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