She’s Alive She’s Alive! Yes, I am back from my 2…

She’s Alive She’s Alive!

Yes, I am back from my 2 part mini-vacation. First we hit the shores of Lake Michigan, traveling from the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Mears, Michigan all the way up the coast through Sleeping Bear Dunes to Leelanau and back down through Traverse City. I forgot to mention that while we were perusing the shops in Traverse, we stumbled upon a yarn store. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything to purchase that day, but now I wish I had at least bought some sock yarn to have Traverse City socks. Oh well.
Then we traveled down near Dayton, Ohio to visit my family before my brother heads off to college in a few weeks. He’s headed to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio to major in graphic design. He’s such a smartie.

While we were in Dayton, we traveled down to Cincinnati to visit the flea markets– we managed to hit three in one day– Trader’s World, Turtle Creek and over to Waynesville, Ohio for Caeser’s Creek. I found a few little things, including two broaches (I’ll have to take pics later) for 50 cents a piece. I also found a really cool belt with a Jeep belt buckle that’s the same old age I am (it was made in ’78).

This week I work for the same stinking bank I temped for 2 weeks ago as a receptionist again with no internet access. Yesterday I read an entire book and stuffed a ton of envelopes. Fun. At least it’s not stressful, but it’s incredibly mind numbing. Knitting is frowned upon, but if I do it in my lap under the desk no one sees, so I’ll try to get in a few rows today. I’m working on the Hot Lava cardigan with some yarn my MIL spun. It’s pretty over-spun and VERY thick/thin (laceweight to super bulky) so I’m not sure how it will look, but I really like the pattern so far. I’m just crossing my fingers I don’t run out of yarn.
Here’s where I was shortly after casting on at the Sand Dunes. Jason decided to park under a little tree and take a nap, so I started knitting away.
Image hosted by
Now I’m about halfway through the second sleeve.

Next up, I’ve been eying the Bolero that Libby just finished and Lolly is working on. A couple of the Knitting Pure and Simple patterns have caught my eye as well. I love that they’re knit in the round, and it’s so hard to find patterns that are. Chicknits just came out with a new pattern, and while I love the sweater, it’s knit in pieces. Grrrr. And the Knitty suprises? Hate ’em. Not that it suprises me (no pun intended), because I didn’t like the issue either.


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