New Knitty: MUST knit: Samus I fell in love with …

New Knitty:

MUST knit:
I fell in love with the Keplar sweater when I first saw it, but I’m loving the construction and sleeves on this one even more. And I adore cardigans!

Another cardi knit in the round. Need I say more? I’m thinking a nice broach to pin in closed.

I love love love
Leaves in Relief
but I’m not ready for something so complicated. Sure, I could probably do it (maybe), but my brain’s not up to it right now.

Revolution is cool, but I dislike all the pieces. Bloom is a possibility for the future as well. And maybe even Lacey or Bubby

Are you ready for an FO?
Image hosted by

Well, I’m calling it an FO even thought there are a million and a half ends to weave in that sort of felted together almost. Jason called them dreadlocks, and they seriously look like it. I cast off last night and our houseguest glanced over after I declared it finished (do you all do this? Proclaim out loud, “It’s done!” with a sense of accomplishment? Or is it just my goofy ass self?) and was amazed that I’d finished a sweater right under his nose without him noticing. Maybe he thought I’d need super-special finishing tools or a sewing machine or something. He then told me he’d wear a sweater if I knit it. Um. Ok. I’ll get right on that…. Then again, he may still be around at Christmas… and he did mention he’d wear a sweater vest… Well, I’ll think about it.

Next up? I’m trying to decide if I want to go with one of the Knitting Pure and Simple patterns I picked up at Elann or one of Knitty’s new sweaters. Hmmm. I’m leaning towards the KP&S’s Neckdown Summer Cardigan… We shall see! It’s Friday and I get to wear jeans. Can’t wait for it to cool down enough to wear my handknits!

If you happen to be in a Target soonly (or you could head there for this very reason as I did yesterday morning before work causing me to be 5 minutes late. Oops!), be sure to check out their Dollar Spot section. They have…. drumroll please…. yarn, needles, crochet hooks and knitting pattern books for $1! For the yarn, they had acrylic baby yarn in a variety of colors, a boucle yarn, a railroad type yarn (they called it fringe?), and a super soft fur yarn. The pattern books are little, and I’m wondering why in the heck I bought them– I bought 2 (except it was knitting related, I was excited and in a bit of a hurry) since the patterns consisted of pretty much “cast on x amount of stitches, work x amount of rows, bind off.” But STILL. It’s knitting supplies at Target for $1! I also picked up a skein of Boucle in what looked like pretty fall colors yesterday morning and now looks like ugly browns, 2 balls of the Railroad yarn (my MIL may get a scarf knit from this for Christmas. She’s commented that she likes that type of yarn) and 2 balls of the gray Fur yarn just because it was so soft. Yep, the novelty-yarn-hater just bought 5 balls of novelty yarn. Please don’t take my wool license away!


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