Today I decided That’s it. I’m on a yarn diet. No…

Today I decided That’s it. I’m on a yarn diet.
No more purchasing yarn until I get some of my stash knit up. Besides, my temp job is over, so it will do us good to save a little $, right?

Of course gifted yarn is another story… I finally gave in and called
1-877-SOS-KNIT yesterday on my lunch break and about fell out of my
chair laughing. I’m sure the people in nearby offices were close to
rushing a family sized bottle of anti-psychotics to me and telling me to leave a
day early, but it was worth it. Really, if you’ve been putting off
calling, do it now. Drop everything and then pick the phone up off
the floor and dial. Don’t have an old rotary phone? Then punch the
numbers. Or maybe you’re about to mail me some anti-psychotics as well. I’m not sure they’d help, but why not?

Anyway, I’m forcing Jason to listen to option number 3 tonight. Heck,
everytime he makes some smartass (partially in jest, and, I suppose, warranted) comment about my exploding yarn storage (you know, the bags falling out of their shelves, the boxes set in front of, next to, underneath the huge built-in shelf. The fact that it grows every week by 10fold not to mention the big basket in the living room, the bag under the bed, the random skeins in my closet…), I’ll make him call and get a little reminder. I’m not the only loony knitter out there, I’ll point out. Here’s proof. Thank you Yarn Harlot. Thank you for reinforcing the fact
that we’re all crazy knitters who have houses of wool, not just me.

For goodness sake, you know it must be bad if I’m self-imposing a yarn diet.

And then what did I find myself doing on my lunch break? Browsing the
Stash Reduction board on KR, the new stock of Peruvian Wool
at Elann
(ps the Spiced Wine is beautiful. I’m wearing my Hourglass
knit from it right now, but I’m eyeing Forest Glade and Dark and Mid Indigo Heathers now. I love me a heathered yarn) and checking out Ram Wool’s Grand Opening sale page. Maybe if I link it, someone else will buy it all before it
tempts me to convince Jason to build me another massive yarn storage unit :
Ram Wools Sale

Koigu for $7.95. A Charlotte’s Web kit for $40
Araucania Nature Wool for $4.10!! Sigh. I love Araucania.

Pooey. So far, I’m sticking to it. We’ll see how long I make it. After all, Harlot said it’s ok to be a loony knitter with a mountain of wool. And if she said so, it must be true.


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