FO post!! I think I finally figured out how to ta…

FO post!!

I think I finally figured out how to take pictures with my camera timer, and although it’s still not a great picture, it’s better than the ones I can get in my bathroom mirror, with toothpaste spatter hiding my precious FOs.
Image hosted by
This is what I actually look like on my way to work (keep in mind, I’ve only had 1/2 a cup of coffee so far). It may be wool, but it’s short sleeved and I’ll just deal with it if I get hot in our Indian Summer we seem to be having. I’m ready for fall!! Oh, and in case you were wondering, my work today is at an elementary school. Yippee; I’m subbing today! I hope the jobs are plentiful this week 🙂

I met a couple internet friends on Saturday (non knitters, well actually one is an ocassional knitter but she isn’t involved in the knitting online scene) in Plymouth, so I managed to stop at the Olde Yarn Shoppe nearby. The store may be small, but it’s crammed with so much yarn, it’s unbelievable. I’ve been in once, but it’s been a few years, and I was overwhelmed with all the textures and beautiful colors. I managed to enhance my stash a wee bit, but declared it my last little splurge before my yarn diet. (I still didn’t buy anything at RamWools or Elann! Yay for willpower) Here’s what I scored:
Image hosted by
1 skein of Silky Wool I found in the clearance section (I’m thinking perhaps a Branching Out scarf?), and 3 balls of Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed. I’ve never owned any Debbie Bliss yarns before, and I must say, once I saw the gorgeous colors, I knew I had to splurge. Here’s a close up of it’s loveliness: Image hosted by

I’m still working on my Secret Project. It’s for the gift elf exchange on KR. You’re matched up with a partner, and each knits something for the other person. I’m pretty excited about it, as I don’t have any handknits that weren’t knit by me! I wish I could post a picture as I’m really pleased with how the project is coming along, but it must remain a secret.

The Vogue Knitting Holiday Preview is up. Click here to see it. I’ve found their holiday issues in the past to be a little too shiney and glitzy, but this one looks as though there’s a lot of wool. This cardi is stunning.

The new Magknits is out, as well. I love the socks by Grumperina, but nothing else really struck my fancy. It’s wonderful to browse new online patterns though, and I love that Magknits has gone monthly. I hope it sticks around. Spunmag looks like it hasn’t. They were supposed to put up a new issue in mid-August, but still nothing… Anyone know what happened there?

I leave with you an adorable picture of Jason and Marzi snuggling on the couch yesterday.
Image hosted by


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