Decisions Decisions I cast on last night for my S…

Decisions Decisions

I cast on last night for my Socktoberfest socks, but I chose to use some Cherry Hill Supersock yarn instead of the Fiberfest yarn. Looking at the yarn last night made me realize that the Fiber Fest yarn, while gorgeous, is a little thicker than fingering weight, so I’ll save it for another pattern. The Cherry Hill Supersock was purchased by my sis at a going out of business sale (wish I coulda been there!), and the colorway is Life’s A Beach. It’s deliciously sproingy and wonderful.

Here is my progress after watching Karate Kid last night and a little of Sex and The City Season 5 (yes I’ve seen both many many times) today:

Image hosted by

And a closer, flashy picture of the pattern:
Image hosted by

I’m about 17 repeats in, with a total of 26 to do. I’m having a PMS-induced lazy day. Don’t feel like doing much, and everything is frustrating me. I’m having one of those days where I’ll go to pick something up and knock 3 more things over in the process. KWIM?

Ah well it’s pizza subs and baby carrots for dinner tonight. What’re you having?


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