Socktober FO! They really aren’t so day-glo, bu…

Socktober FO!

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They really aren’t so day-glo, but it’s still dark out and it’s hard to get a good picture.
Yarn: Yarn Smith’s Sock yarn bought at the Yellow Spring’s Fiber Festival (they don’t appear to sell online– bummer)
Needle size: 2
Stitch count: 54
Cuff is p1k2 ribbing and heel flap is (RS)*s1purlwise,k1 across (WS) s1, p across [same heel flap as the Razor Shell pattern]

Here is my third pair of finished Socktober socks. I stayed up last night, waiting patiently and knitting while Jason watched Queen of the Damned (which we’d already seen, and I didn’t enjoy so much the first time around) until 9 when “my show” comes on. Little did I know, it was a repeat! ARG

They didn’t stay on the Sock Blockers for long. It was 29*F when I got up this morning. BRRRRR! So, they’re already on my feet. Besides, I’ve been knitting here and there during lunch time at the school I’ve been at all week, and I think the kids will think it’s neat if I wear them today.

Yesterday, I decided I wasn’t quite done with socks, so I signed up for Pixie Purls

I cast on for a pair of brown socks, using the same cuff as my last pair (p1k2 around), but I think I’m going to try the blueberry waffle pattern for the rest of the sock. I suppose I’ll have to rename them Chocolate Waffles? The yarn is a brown hand-dyed and came from my KR Secret Pal, who kind of disappeared, but sent me some great stuff in the first package I received. Never found out who she/he was, or my angel. Wherever you are, I hope you’re both ok!

Jason and I decided yesterday that we may as well go to Florida in late November, as well as England in January! Two vacations in one season! So, we’re flying down to Florida on November 22nd, and I’ll be flying back alone on the 30th, while he has a big auto-related show to attend. I’ve heard the yarn stores are pretty far and between down there, anyone have any I *must* hit near Orlando? We’ll be staying with his Grandmother for a few days, and then another few days near Sea World at the Renaissance Resort. I can’t wait!


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