I’m feeling overwhelmed today. I spent all mornin…

I’m feeling overwhelmed today. I spent all morning de-cluttering the bathroom– throwing away all the old makeup and toiletries I haven’t used in years, then rooted through my clothes and made a huge donation pile, and even threw away two baskets full of magazines and catalogs I’ve been stockpiling. I’m just beginning to feel as though my possessions are starting to own me instead of the other way around. Be warned– there may be a stash sale posted here sometime soon. Maybe.

Anyway, I haven’t knit much in the past couple days, although there is a little progress on Chocolate Waffles

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
As you can see, I’ve turned the heel thanks to Amityville Horror (2005) and The Saw which we watched the other night.

There’s an interesting new knitting magazine out. Kind of dark and twisted if you’re into that kind of thing: AntiCraft. They say that future issues may not be knitting based, but instead include other crafts; still interesting nonetheless.

New Magknits is up. Durrow looks great, Holly is neat, but I don’t think I’d knit them. I do love that they went monthly though.

Ran across a cute top-down cardi pattern here: CosmicPluto. Future use for my Cotton Ease stash? Perhaps.

I leave you with one more Autumn picture I took yesterday on another bike ride. The weather yesterday was perfect.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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