The Mad December Rush Why do I do this to myself?…

The Mad December Rush

Why do I do this to myself? Is it the knitter’s curse? I decided way back in July that I was NOT, repeat NOT going to knit gifts this year. The endless knitting I did last year went far less appreciated than I would have hoped, so I decided that I wouldn’t put myself through the stress this year.

Fast forward to mid-November when I decide that what my non-handknit wearing brother needs is a pair of socks. (what am I thinking?) So I dash off and knit a pair in a week. No problem, right? I’m done. Well, then I decided that if I’m knitting him something, I should knit my sis something. Then I decide I should knit something for her and her bf as a together gift instead of a separate one. Then I think of something I could make my mom. And dad. ARG. I’m sure I’ll have decided that MIL and SIL will need something by the time the big day rolls around, as well.

Not to mention the fact that we just got back from vacation (we had a fabulous time!), and had barely gotten started shopping, I mean as in one gift had been purchased so far. We don’t have a tree yet, no goodies have been made; we haven’t even decided where we will be spending Christmas day yet–my family or his. Oy. So, I’m a little stressed. Please don’t tell me you’re finished with all your gifts and decorating and baking. I may just have to stab you with a size 1 bamboo.

I do need to share what my sp sent me for my second gifty (sorry no pic!):
a really cool beaded bracelet knitting kit, an issue of Knitting magazine from the UK, a wonderful scented candle, a great novel set in Britain (looks like it might be good airplane reading!), and a London Travel Guide. Thank you so much sp 🙂

So, in an attempt to divert your attention from the fact that there are no new knitting pics:

1. The winter knitty is up!
2. Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine has changed hands and is now Knit Simple. See my rant about it here.
3. Here’s two more pictures from our vacation:

The view of the sunrise from our hotel in Orlando:
Image hosted by

Jason walking on the beach at St. Pete Beach:
Image hosted by

4. A cartoon that made me giggle:
Image hosted by


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