Stolen from Rox 10 Random Things about Me… * I ha…

Stolen from Rox

10 Random Things about Me…
* I hate talking on the phone
* I have acquired a nasal Michigan accent that I don’t like
* I’ve never had chicken pox
* I love camping
* I hate to be tickled and don’t find it funny at all
* I drink my coffee black
* The darker the beer, the better
* I love animals and don’t eat them 😉
* There is, quite possibly, nothing better than fresh homemade bread with butter

9 Places I’ve been…
* Windsor, Ontario
* Hollywood, California
* Gatlinburg, Tennessee
* Macon, Georgia
* Mackinac Island, Michigan
* Traverse City, Michigan (home of the National Cherry Festival)
* Mitchell, and Wall, South Dakota (home of the Corn Palace and Wall Drug–stop in for their famous 5 cent coffee)
* Evansville, Wyoming (home of Independence Rock)
* Fairborn, Ohio (home of the Wright Pat Air Force Museum, possibly Jason’s most favorite place on Earth LOL– I went to school at Wright State)

8 Ways to Win My Heart…
* Clean up the house
* Make me laugh
* Cook me dinner
* listen
* give me flowers
* be silly
* make me a gift
* send me mail (unless it’s a bill! LOL)

7 Things To Do Before I Die…
* learn how to sew
* have children
* be more patient
* complain less
* see my family more
* travel travel travel
* iceskate

6 Things I’m Afraid of…
* heights in tall buildings
* drowning
* not having children
* not being able to say goodbye to a loved one
* big bugs
* being deeply in debt

5 Things I don’t like…
* mosquitos
* bills
* meat
* the blankets on the bed messed up
* fake people

4 Ways to Turn Me Off…
* men being sexist!
* call me a name
* make a mess and expect me to clean it up
* act like you’re the $hit when you’re so not

3 Things I Do Everyday…
* Tell Jason I love him
* drink coffee
* daydream

2 Things That Make Me Happy…
* our animals
* family

1 Thing on My Mind, RIGHT NOW…
* The fact that I spent WAY too long filling this out

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