Thanks for all the compliments on my Knit Christma…

Thanks for all the compliments on my Knit Christmas tree, but the compliments should really go to the Crafty Modster for such a great pattern ;). I will warn you though; if you’re planning on knitting one up, they’re addictive! I’ve already knit up two, and am about to start my third! Here’s a pic of the first two together:
Image hosted by

I already posted what yarn I used for my first one, but for the second, I used the same Red Heart Symphony and Target flag yarn, but combined it with some lime Target cotton yarn I bought in one of their yarn kits. It’s a bit washed out in the pic because of my flash; it’s not yellow, it’s a nice pretty lime green. I’m now noticing, however, that I need to dust LOL. Boy the flash really picked up the dust that I can’t see IRL.

And here is a picture of Patches displaying what I made for my Dad (and will be finishing another for MIL once Jason is around to help me sew):
Image hosted by

It’s a microwaveable rice pack. The outside is knit and felted, and then Jason sewed up a little muslin pouch which I filled with rice and lavender buds. I used some Hemp/Wool yarn I had in the stash and it felted up beautifully! I really like the texture it ended up with.


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