Sigh. Only a few days of Christmas break left. D…

Sigh. Only a few days of Christmas break left. Do you get that panicky feeling when vacation is almost over and try to think back to everything you accomplished on all your days off? I don’t feel like we got anything done, but at least we relaxed. The Christmas decorations have all been packed away, the tree is waiting to be taken outside to the burn pile, and all the presents have found new homes somewhere in the house.

Speaking of presents, Jason really spoiled me this year. I really didn’t expect to get much, since we’re leaving for England in 10 days, and he bought me a hardtop for my Jeep, but he also got me an ice cream maker (I made yummy homemade vanilla last night!), a personal dvd player (great for the airplane trip!), and Tivo! Talk about spoiled! We probably won’t be able to hook up the Tivo until we get back, as we have to buy a $50 adapter to hook it to our wireless network since we don’t have a phone line. We went cell phones only a few months ago.

I also got a gorgeous Hand-knit Aran sweater from MIL. Yes, I could knit it myself, but will I ever do it? Who knows. She also got me the Lion Brand Just Scarves book, and there’s a cabled scarf pattern in there that looks interesting. The other knitting related gifts came from my Mom and Dad– the Knitting Pattern a day calender, Yarn Harlot and Wrap Style. Yarn Harlot, is, of course, hilarious, just as I suspected. My mom also gave me, among other things, a fantastic Diane Von Furstenberg carry on bag for our trip.

Jason’s favorite gift this year was the Bad Mother Fu**er wallet I gave him. He can’t wait to show it off to all his friends, since they love quoting Pulp Fiction anytime they can manage to fit it into the conversation.

I hope everyone has a great New Year’s Eve. We don’t celebrate too much around here– we’ll probably go see Narnia and pick up some Blockbuster movies to watch. I may be able to convince Jason to stay up to watch the ball drop. We’ll see; I haven’t managed to do it the past 2 years. We always seem to start the new year that same way– me ticked at him for not being able to stay up. teehee


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