That’s right! 7 days!! (unless you’re readin…

That’s right! 7 days!! (unless you’re reading this post at a later date, then it’ll be even less!!). I’m seriously freaking out about it, I’m so excited. We haven’t booked our hotel for our 3 day stay in London yet, and I spent all weekend researching hotels to stay at. Made a nice long list for Jason to look at, and then we’ll decide. We have tall orders– it can’t be too expensive (which automatically rules out 90% of the hotels over there!), I’d rather it not be a US based chain, and we’d like it to have at least a little local character and charm. Being close to somewhere we’d like to visit (like Portobello Road, Hampstead Heath, Tower of London, Big Ben or Buckingham Palace) would be nice as well. I hope we make it to all those places, but just being over there is so exciting, so if we don’t have time, then I’ll live.

Because of all my planning and freaking out, there hasn’t been much time for knitting. I did pull out my Brown Raglan sweater to work on, but I’ve only managed a few inches. I have been eying the Spiral Rib sock pattern from January 2nd of the Knitting Pattern a day calender, so I may cast on for those. Speaking of which, I still need to determine what knitting I’m taking with me. I’m thinking socks will be perfect, but I want another option, too. Maybe a hat… I should be able to take my knitting on the plane on the way over (crossing my fingers), but I’ll check it on the way back. I’ve heard many cases of people getting it taken away traveling back from the UK.

Not much else to report! Jason and I did both manage to stay up for New Years. We watched part of Season 1 of Nip/Tuck, but paused it to watch the ball drop. We even opened a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the new year.

I’ve been thinking for a little while, that I’d like to speak Spanish fluently, so I was seriously considering buying this software. Well, I just found out today that my mom’s local library offers Levels 1 & 2 online for FREE. Seriously. I was going to buy Levels 1 & 2 for $329! So, I’ve decided that’s one of my goals this year. I need to create a daily or weekly plan of getting through the lessons, but I’ve managed 3 lessons today. I took 3 years of Spanish in High School, but I really don’t remember much beyond some very basic vocabulary.

I usually don’t do resolutions, so I’m setting forth a few goals for the year:

1. Learn Spanish with above mentioned software
2. Not be so bitchy, and savor and enjoy my time with dh to help build an even stronger relationship 🙂
3. Be more positive!
4. Drink a cup of green tea and take my vitamins every single day
5. Take time to breath and relax, and not so much time stressing


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