A Flying By Inspiration Post Not good news for m…

A Flying By Inspiration Post

Not good news for my checkbook– Knitpicks unveiled a few new yarns! I’m so tempted, but we’re saving our pennies right now, so it must wait.

I did happen to pick up the Spring IK this morning at Joann Fabrics. I love these:
Waterlily Tunic:

Simply Lovely Lace Socks:

I’m also tempted by a few patterns over at The Garter Belt: Somewhat Cowl and Something Red both by Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic. Now I just need to figure out if they’re knit in the round or not. I abhor seaming.

Anyway, Jason is out of town; he took a business trip to North Carolina. He was supposed to be back today, but he needed to take a few extra days and won’t be back until next Wednesday. Ugh. I miss him 😦
One of the reasons he’s staying down there longer, is he has a job prospect. We shall see how that works out. We’ve talked about him trying to find a job in North Carolina before, but we always came to the conclusion that we’ll stay here (Michigan) for now. Well now it could possibly be happening. He’ll find out more early next week!

Speaking of jobs, my temp agency called me last week and set me up for a job in a law firm for the next few weeks. She said I was answering phones, which I initially thought meant being a receptionist, but she didn’t say that so maybe it’s different. I hope it’s at least an assignment where I can get some reading done or something. Answering phones is so boring, but we need the money right now!

I have been knitting the past few nights, but it’s a secret project so I can’t show my latest two FOs.
Back to Gilmore Girls Season 1 and some more knitting.


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