Little Knitting Progress and My Week of News I h…

Little Knitting Progress and My Week of News

I haven’t managed to get much knitting done this week, but there is a little progress. I’m on the first sleeve of my brown top-down raglan.

Temping as a receptionist, even after completing all the busy-work they throw at me, lends me a lot of time for reading. Therefore I’ve decided to unveil my

Book of the Week

I always wanted to be one of those kids on Reading Rainbow, so I guess this is the next best thing πŸ˜‰
This week’s installment is Popco by Scarlett Thomas
If you’re at all mathematically inclined, like puzzles, are against big business or are a toy lover, then this will intrigue you. The ending was a little iffy, but the book as a whole was so interesting, I still think it’s worth it.

Disappointing news of the week:

My alltime favorite toothpaste brand, Tom’s of Maine, a family owned company, got bought out by Colgate this past week. If you’re as upset about this as I am, you can let them know how you feel here.
The full press release is here.

Tea of the week:

It goes along with the cutting back on caffeine thing, and it’s that great slightly sweet calorie-free “snack” for the afternoon.

Treat of the week:

Ginormous chocolate birthday cake. Not my birthday– Jason’s.
Storm Trooper shown for scale πŸ˜‰


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