Book of the Week: Marley & Me : Life and Love wit…

Book of the Week: Marley & Me : Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog by John Grogan
The story of an incredibly destructive, fiercely playful and loyal male yellow lab. Sounds EXACTLY like our late lab, Otis. How could I not love this book?

Tea of the week: Lipton cold brew. Yes, I’m still trying to cut back on the caffeine, but when I absolutely need it, this is convenient and much healthier than the 20 oz Mountain Dew I used to drink in the afternoon.

My knitting is dull. On the one hand, I have a sweater so close to being done. It’s at the point where it actually looks like a sweater, and I’m aching to wear it. On the other hand, it’s a plain brown WOOL sweater.

My tulips are coming up, my crocuses and hyacinths are blooming, the birds are chirping. Spring is in the air. My every pore is screaming out for sunshine and flowers. Not brown. Not wool. I can’t believe I just wrote that. I love wool. 99% of my stash is 100% wool. Cascade 220, Wool of the Andes, Manos, Peruvian Wool, Malabrigo… The list goes on and on… Don’t even get me started on merinos. Soft, squishy merino sock yarns… I’m drooling just thinking about the possibilities. The color combinations. The pretty little hanks all wrapped up and waiting to be squeezed, let alone knit.

But wait, I think. That’s the perfect compromise. Bright, colorful, merino sock yarn. I can make spring socks! And so began my newest WIP. Meet my prescription for dull knitting.

Now my spring socks are fine and dandy for bringing that breath of fresh air into my knitting, but I decided I needed something to brighten up my mailbox. Imagine my surprise when I came across the One Skein Secret Pal Swap. I’ve been steering clear of secret pal swaps, as we’re trying to save right now, but I’ve been working full time for almost two solid months now (yep, same temp job as a receptionist in a law firm), so I felt I deserved the little splurge. Besides, it’s only two skeins of yarn over a two month period (one per month), and a knitted finished object from another solitary skein. It’s being organized by Interweave Knits, the publishers of the book One Skein, so go sign up!

New knitty? Nothing I want to knit, but it’s still nice to see a new issue. Maybe I’m getting snobby, but a few of the sweaters just didn’t look as polished as I’d expect coming from Knitty.

New obsession? Animal Crossing. I bought Jason a Game Cube for his birthday a few weeks ago, and because my brother has had the game for a few years now, I knew I liked it. So of course I bought it. Well now I’m hopelessly addicted. I’m thinking of stocking up on memory cards so I can create new villages to visit. I’m such a dork. Really, you don’t need to tell me; I know it already.


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