I feel a little out of touch with the whole knitti…

I feel a little out of touch with the whole knitting world lately. I don’t know what the current pattern craze is, the current knitting book must have, or even the current yarn in vogue. It’s all quite sad really, and kind of overwhelming to muddle my way back in, but I’m trying! I just placed an order for my One Skein pal’s July yarn and of course a couple skeins for myself. Still plugging away on my cardi while catching up on my Tivo’d Gilmore Girls episodes and the Fourth of July Twilight Zone marathon.

Here is my progress. I’m bummed I couldn’t get a very good picture, especially since I got a brand spanking new digital camera for my birthday courtesy of Jason. It’s this one in case you were wondering, and I love it. It is hard to photograph black though.

*TMI alert*
I’m giving The Keeper a try, after picking one up at Whole Foods this past week. Today’s my first day using it– I’m very thankful my period is cooperating by giving me a day off work to give it a whirl– while I’m a little weirded out by it, it’s interesting, and seems to be working without leakage. I’ll keep you updated if anyone’s interested 😉 If you’re interested in other options besides the keeper, check out this livejournal post comparing menstrual cups. Here’s the actual lj.


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