Did I tell you I gave up caffeine? I did. No m…

Did I tell you I gave up caffeine? I did. No more coffee for me, unless it’s decaf. It’s a rather heartbreaking tale– I LOVE my coffee. The whole routine, getting so much accomplished in the morning on my caffeine-high, that little perk in the afternoon after a nice nonfat latte… BUT my obsession with coffee was not so healthy, especially with the whole trying to conceive thing, so I’ve given it up. It’s been almost two weeks, and I still miss it. Once upon a time, I drank at least a half a pot of coffee a day, so I was an addict, for sure. A few months ago, I switched to mostly half-caff, but a few weeks before deciding to go cold-turkey, I was indulging in almost daily grande nonfat lattes. I’m not getting the headaches anymore, since it has been almost two whole weeks, but Jason has noticed I’m a wee bit crankier. I told him to go take his delicious cup of caffeine elsewhere and shut up. Ok I didn’t say that, but I may have been thinking it. I’ve already decided– once I have my little ones, I’ll definitely be drinking the delicious cuppa again.

Anyway, in knitting news, I’ve nearly completed my One Skein project for my pal. It’s a Sophie bag waiting to be felted, but I want to do some sort of embellishment on it– perhaps I’ll try my hand at needle felting. I’m still uncertain. I do have another month to decide though.

I also made a recent stash enhancement. It’s handpaintedyarn’s delicious wool:

I really just can’t get enough of their yarn. I’m also eyeing the hemp yarn at elann and their cotton/acrylic blend they just put up– I’m thinking it would be similar to cotton ease, which of course I love!

And I’m still plugging away on my cardigan. Getting close to the bottom, and then I can start the sleeves.

I’m seeing so many awesome, beautiful, loverly Green Gables lately, that I’m really tempted to buy the pattern and cast on, but I want to finish my cardi first.
I’m also coveting Ms.Marigold like the ones here and here and many other places…
Or maybe Ballerina from Magknits… or something from Wrap Style… or a new pair of socks… oh the knitting bug has hit again! Yippee for that.

I signed up for another swap this week, but I’ve lost the link somehow. I hope my information got submitted. Eek. I know I read about it on another blog, but I subscribe to so many knitting blogs on bloglines, that I can’t find it. It’s for a favorite color craft swap (it’s not for project spectrum though). Does anyone remember reading about this? Nevermind! I read about the Favorite Color Swap on Labradorable’s blog. She kindly filled me in that the blog link is here– so go sign up! Be quick about it, because sign-ups end today. I got my match for the Yarn Aboard, and I can’t wait to start picking out goodies. It looks to be so much fun. I recently read on someone’s blog Labradorable’s blog that they were she was kind of over the whole swap thing, after being very underwhelmed after a few sp swaps, as though people were just going through the motions. I must say, I feel the same way. I have had a few WONDERFUL swap pals– Christina and Rox to name just a few, but overall I was feeling eh about the whole swap thing. Until now that is. I think I just needed a change in the type of swaps I was doing. So, I’ve joined the “cooler” (haha) swaps– One Skein, Yarn Aboard and the Favorite Color craft one if I can find it again…
Oh and a special note to secret pals, I failed to mention it, but I’m obsessed with garden gnomes 🙂


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