I’m contemplating signing up for Tote Exchange 2, …

I’m contemplating signing up for Tote Exchange 2, but I think I’m going to pass. I’m getting a bit panicked about Christmas being here in only a little over 4 months, so I don’t think I should commit to something that takes up a ton of time. I love drooling over the totes everyone came up with for Tote Exchange 1, though!

However, I did sign up for Rox’s dishcloth exchange. I found a great pattern for a dishcloth that I had to test-knit over the weekend, and I love how it turned out, so I figured why not? Alternately, there’s also the mystery dishcloth along if I get bored with the pattern I chose.

I just realized that I hadn’t won anything on Blingo in a while, because I switched back to Google for some reason. So don’t forget about Blingo! If you’re not already signed up, click on my linky to win movie tickets, visa gift cards or ipods just by searching. It’s super-easy, and I’ve already won at least 5 movie tickets.


Yarn Junkie let me know that unkymoods is back, though now renamed punky moods! I love the cute little graphics, and was just thinking of how I missed them the other day.

Finally, I swiped this from someone’s blog and don’t remember who. If you’ve read this far, consider yourself tagged!

Five items in my freezer:

1. Breyers Lowfat Mint Chocolate chip ice cream

2. Quorn “chicken” nuggets

3. Morningstar parmesan ranch “chicken” patties

4. various bits and ends of homemade bread, waiting to be defrosted and whirred into homemade breadcrumbs

5. frozen veggies

Five items in the closet:

1. giant pile of shoes which need to be sorted

2. giant pile of purses which need to be sorted

3. some cotton yarn I picked up a thrift store a while back

4. England things waiting to be scrapbooked

5. a rug I haven’t seen since I put it in there because it’s piled full of the above LOL

Five items in the car:
1. a book– Goodbye, Jimmy Choo

2. first aid kit

3. emergency tampons

4. my sing along cd mix

5. a pencil. no I do not know why I would need a pencil while in my car, but it’s there.

Five items in my purse:

1. dark chocolate and mint candy bar

2. Orbit cinnamint gum

3. Whole Foods grocery bag

4. the book Lolita, which I’m reading for the Knit the Classics read/knitalong

5. 3 sugar in the raw packets I stole from starbucks (before you lecture, I got decaf!)

In exciting knitting news, I finished my cardigan, and now just need to weave in the ends and block! I also promptly cast on for Green Gables on Sunday, and am already past the lace part, and onto the main body. Woohoo!

I leave you with a very addicting website http://www.oceangram.com/ You can send a virtual message in a bottle to be picked up by any random person, and you can also pick up other people’s bottles and add to their messages. It’s very addicting waiting for that bottle to appear! (yes I do actually work on my job, kinda)


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