It seems like only a few days ago that I was compl…

It seems like only a few days ago that I was complaining about how hot it was. My hands were slippery on the needles while knitting, and I had to wipe them off as I went along. Well, fall is definitely here!
I’ve hit a stand-still with my knitting, but I find that knitting urge is bubbling up inside with the crisp feeling in the air in the evenings. I’ve decided to frog my Something Blue. I made an error a few rows back, and I was going to just ignore it and try to cover it up with some creative weaving in of ends, but to the frog pond it shall go. Hmm.. my last two projects have ended up in that pond.

So, with all that frogging, I decided I needed a boring, basic, quick to finish project to curb the knitting embarrassment I’ve been feeling. I pulled out the boring brown top-down raglan sweater I started so long ago, and pleasantly found that I only have 1 1/2 sleeves to go. The *perfect* knit for those chilly evenings we’ve been having.

I’ve also been feeling the sock bug lately, just in time for Socktoberfest. I just ordered some beautiful Cherry Tree Hill supersock from Ebay, and I’m seriously eyeing Socks that Rock in the Seal Rock and Lagoon colorways in the medium weight. *drool* I need some squishy colorful yarn to perk up my knitting. I think Lime n Violet’s yarn pr0n is rubbing off on me. Darn those two! I think I’m going to hold off buying the Socks that Rock for a bit, if I can, though because I do have a Yarn Aboard sock package that should be arriving *sometime.* Can’t wait until it makes it’s rounds to me! Oops I caved and picked up a skein of the Seal Rock…

Oh, and I’ve heard from more than one source now, that Lion Brand is bringing Cotton Ease back in new colors. Squee!

I recently also discovered the joys of Japanese craft magazines, especially with the embroidery designs. I *must* have some! Cotton & Paint looks especially fantastic, as well as the Vogue Embroidery books. The prices are a little eek-ish, of course, so it’ll be awhile. Meanwhile, I’ve added them to my newly created wists!


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