Socktober Start

Socktober Start
Originally uploaded by plath.

Here is the start of my socks for Soctoberfest. I’m using the RPM pattern from Knitty, and STR in the Seal Rock colorway. This yarn is truly amazing. As soon as I wound it up into its squishy little ball, I knew I was hooked. I’m already having to restrain myself from buying more.

~personal information/rant below~~you’ve been warned

In other news, I have a doctor appointment today to hopefully start us on the path to our family. It’s been almost a year since we started trying, and although we were able to get pregnant but couldn’t get him/her to stick, something is not right if it’s taking us this long, especially since I’m charting and know when I’m ovulating. It almost seems silly–all those years of using birth control. What a waste. You always hear about infertile people, but you never align yourself with them. Never think for a minute that you could be included in that group. It’s hard when you finally come to terms with the fact that you *could* be in that group. It’s terrifying. I’ve wanted two things out of my life ever since I could remember. To be a teacher, and to be a mother. Currently, I’m neither. Teaching jobs are next to impossible to find up here, especially if you didn’t go to a Michigan college, so I took a job out of my field–an entry-level crappy job, taking comfort in the fact that one day soon, I would quit anyway, and become the full-time mom I’ve wanted to be when my kids were young. Ha. Kind of funny that now we’re having issues in that department. Not really funny though. Sometimes I feel as though my life is running away without me.


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