Finished RPM Socks

Finished RPM Socks
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They are finished! I love the way they turned out, and they’re oh so cozy in my new Crocs. Yes, I joined the Crocs bandwagon. I’m such a lemming. They truly are very comfy, and incredibly light. And I love the bright green– my favorite color.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve cast on for a new pair using the Cherry Tree Hill Superglitz yarn, and I’m already past the gusset and on the foot. It’s a heavier weight sock yarn, so the knitting is fast, just the way I like it. I’m a little unsure about the yarn though. It has a strand of glittery yarn mixed with the wool, and it feels a little scratchy as I’m knitting it. I’m going to give them a good soak in conditioner when I’m done, and I hope that helps to soften them up. They’ll definitely need a good blocking, too, as the Dimple Sock pattern I’m using draws in a LOT.
Dimple Socks

I also have some yarn pr0n to share. The last I will be purchasing for quite a while, as we need to save money for new siding for our house.
Spunky Eclectic Super Sport in the I Love Fall colorway. Marzipan took an interest in this one. She couldn’t stop sniffing and licking it once I opened the package!
Spunky Eclectic Sock Yarn

And 3 beautiful hanks of Socks That Rock:
Socks that Rock
All Medium Weight, from left to right:
Rolling Stone
Moonlight Revel

I did not know that you could just email them and ask them if certain colorways were in stock. This may be a very dangerous thing to know! I really wanted a hank of Puck’s Mischief, but they didn’t have that one in stock, so they suggested Moonlight Revel, which is very similar. I love it!

BLOGLINES update already!!!!!


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