Mini socks

Mini socks
Originally uploaded by plath.

I may not have been able to get a lot of work done on my Retro Rib socks this weekend, but I did get 9 FOs. Sure they’re mini mini socks, but they still count, right? teehee

These are for the Holiday Ornament Swap I joined. I absolutely LOVE Christmas ornaments, and I adore all things handmade, so this was the swap for me. Hiding under the mini socks are some small beaded wire ornaments I made up as well, but I don’t think they’re as cute. I also joined Rox’s Ornamental, and did a little work on those ornaments this past weekend as well. I’m stressing about Christmas quickly approaching! I have two handknit presents finished in addition to the ornaments, but I’m truly stumped on what to knit anyone else, so maybe I just won’t. I’m undecided.

In spinning news, why the heck didn’t anyone tell me that spinning was so stinking easy?! MIL took me to a spinning shop on Saturday, and I was able to try out 5 different wheels. I was seriously making yarn in 30 seconds. Decent, non-novelty yarn, too. I was able to try the Ashford Kiwi, Traveler, Traditional, the Majacraft Rose and a Louet (the Anniversary edition one?). I think I’m leaning towards the Traveler, although the Majacraft was simply lovely (but a tad out of my price range). If you’re in the Howell, Michigan area, go and check out the Spinning Loft. Beth, the owner, was simply wonderful at letting me try out all the wheels and really boosting my confidence 🙂


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