Brown Sheep Mill Ends

Brown Sheep Mill Ends
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I ordered two pounds of roving from Sheep Shed Studio’s huge bale sale, and I really wish I’d ordered more. Here’s my loot– a mix of wool and a bit of mohair. They included a little bag of the red roving for free. It’s only $6.50 A POUND. Go snag some before it’s too late!

I also got my Coffee and Yarn swap package yesterday from Maia. It may have been a bit late, but she made up for it in the amazing yarn (one skein has beads!), and delicious smelling coffee. I can’t wait to brew some this weekend. Good thing I took a picture right when I opened the box ,because the chocolate is already gone 😉
Coffee and Yarn Swap

I’ve been spinning a bit as well. Here’s what’s currently on my bobbin. It’s an alpaca blend with a touch of glitter.
newest  yarn
This is the first batch of roving that I’m not doing to much pre-drafting with. I’ve been working with sliver, and have predrafted almost everything ahead of time, but I’m trying to actually draft this as I spin so I can get the hang of it.

And this is waiting for the twist to be set:
New yarn


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