Drop out

I feel like a loser.  So excited for Sock Madness, I immediately cast on my socks after downloading the pattern Saturday morning.   I got into the first repeat and just thought ick.  My sock looked like a bad bad bad 80s sweater.  Picture one of Cliff Huxtable’s sweaters– tan with orange and blue.  I couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture, it was that bad.  Trust me, you don’t want to see this monstrosity.  What was I thinking?  Well, I don’t have many solids– only boring boy colors (grey, tan), and I couldn’t justify buying yarn (my Stashalong commitment).  I also just really don’t like mixing two different yarns unless it’s for a heel/toe contrast.  Sigh.  So I’ve conceded.  I’m a dropout. 

 I have been knitting a bit on my secret project.  I guess I’m ready to talk about it.  It’s my hope chest project– a pinwheel baby blanket out of Cotton Ease.  (You can see some really pretty ones here.)  I’m trying to stay positive, and although some may say it’s bad luck to knit for a baby not yet conceived, I find it helps to keep me thinking positively.  I treat it as my daily meditation and mantra in positive thinking. I’ve already knit a pair of baby socks, as well as two little sweaters and a hat and socks set when I was pregnant before, so I’m just adding to my hope chest. After all, we ARE going to have a baby (see, positive thinking). Sometime. And I may just have an entire chest full of clothes and blankets for whenever he or she arrives, and that’s ok.


3 Responses to “Drop out”

  1. Sonya Says:

    So sorry you didn’t like your Sock Madness socks. I’m not going to advance to the next round either. Life happened, and I’ve only got 3/4th of one sock done. Oh well.


  2. Maureen Says:

    Don’t listen to old wives tales and knit away. I have a couple of blankets made for my step daughter. They have been trying for a few years. I made the Pinwheel baby blanket and used the edging from the Truly Tasha Shawl. It made a beautiful edging. If I can find the pic on my blog I will let you know. I know I made the blanket a few years ago. Keeping positive thoughts for you 🙂

  3. zenstring Says:

    LOVE that blanket! Positive thinking does wonders, believe me!! 😉 No doubt, a tiny babe will be lured by all the beautiful handknits!

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