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Here’s the progress on my pinwheel. Actually, I’m a tad farther now. I knit 8 rows of the dark blue and then switched back to the lighter blue and am going to do a few purl rows. Now I just need to figure out how many purl rows I need to do to prevent curling…

Lost update- It’s getting better and better! I can’t WAIT for next week’s episode already. This season, especially after the winter break they did is fantastic.
To the person who searched to find my blog with the words “horrid temp job” I’m sorry– I’ve definitely been there!
To the person who searched “chucks blue” did you mean Converse All-Stars chucks? Man I loved those shoes. I had two low top pair–one in black and another in burghundy and I wore both pair completely out. I duct taped them up (for decoration, not function) and wrote all over them. Sigh. Those wonderful days of youth. LOL
If you didn’t mean Converse All Star chucks, then you may need to see a doctor if you’re “chucking blue.” Ick.

Thanks L&V sp for the postcard! I definitely needed a little cheer in my mailbox yesterday, and your postcard brightened my day 🙂
Postcard from my L&V pal
Click on the picture to see the cute captions.


4 Responses to “Pinwheel”

  1. JEn Says:

    I love the pinwheel blanket. Those colors are fantastic!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Jenny Raye Says:

    I missed Lost on Wednesday!!!! I am so bummed. I went to bed early thinking I had the dvr set to record my favorite show. Math Guy checked it in the morning and informed me that it had taped American Idol Chat or some such rot. I must see the epidsode! I’ve even tried watching online to no avail. Sigh.

  3. LnV SP Says:

    Great blanket! Love the colors!
    Glad you liked the postcard…just some good goofy fun to tide you over while I plot your goodies…

  4. Adrienne Says:

    This is BEAUTIFUL! LOVE the colors!

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