Progress on my tank

Honeymoon Tank

It’s coming along nicely; I’m just about to start the increases, but I’m feeling the tempation to cast on something new… Rusted Root is calling me, and a nice chevron or feather and fan scarf, and I’m even feeling the urge to cast on for a felted Christmas stocking. Crazy aren’t I?

If you still have some moolah to spend, Amazon has a couple more good deals:

If you missed out on the premiere edition of Craft magazine, it’s super-discouted to $3.00. It originally sold for $15.00

And I keep waiting for Monday’s unveiling of the new shirts over at threadless. I believe the $10 sale was extended through today. The $10 sale was extended through today! Woo hoo 🙂 9 new designs!

Edited to add a fertility update: My official miscarriage started yesterday (even though I’d already experienced most of the miscarriage very, very early, part of the placenta hung on and continued to grow), so hopefully my beta will be dropping! This is good news, because it means we’re closer to trying again. Please don’t think I sound callous, as I was already able to emotionally move through this when the doctor told me I was miscarrying so early. My body just wasn’t able to move on until now.


2 Responses to “Progress on my tank”

  1. Jen Says:

    The tank looks great. I really love the color! Hope everything else is going ok. 🙂

  2. Sharon Says:

    Callous? You’ve been rubbed raw, I should think. And you’re sounding brave and strong. Go forward. I hope only good things for you.

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