Sewing Progress and News!

Still not really knitting much, but I have been sewing! I just finished my apron on Saturday:

Vintage apron
It’s the Vintage Apron from Bend-the-Rules Sewing, which is a great book. I’m really happy with my apron, even though a lot of my seams aren’t so straight. Hey I’m new at this!

I also did up this “taggie” mini pillow toy
Taggie toy.

So, not bad for a lazy week, eh? I don’t know how much sewing I’m going to be getting done in the next few months however, because it looks like we’re going to be moving! Jason was offered a job in North Carolina (the Mooresville area if you’re interested), and it looks like he’s going to take it. We have so much work to do on the house before we can list it, most of our free time will be to work on the house. We’re both kind of freaking out, but are excited, too. We probably won’t be moving until December, but really need to get the house listed ASAP so we can actually sell it. I’m really going to have to prioritize my knitting projects for the next few months, because I’m going to start packing this weekend so we can “stage” our house for selling. With yarn everywhere, unless the buyer is a knitter, it would probably be overwhelming…


4 Responses to “Sewing Progress and News!”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    Oh, I love your apron! It’s so very cute and retro with its pleats.

    Good luck with packing, and all of the other moving stuff. That’s so exciting 🙂

  2. Christina Says:

    Love the apron! The fabric is perfect for it. I adore the vintage styling on it.

  3. Jen Says:

    The apron and pillow look great! Good luck with the moving and selling and what not! How exciting. 🙂

  4. Mon Says:

    Nice. You are so talented. Good luck on the move. Hope things go smoothly for you.

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