I’ve been tagged

by Sheila for the middle name tag 🙂

Must not be a bitch all the time
Apologetic for the above
Relieved the work week is over
Itching to knit something

Consider yourself tagged if you’d like to participate 😉 I hate tagging people, but like being tagged for some reason. I’m goofy, I know.

Cravings at 10 weeks? (yep already having them) Chocolate chip cookies, chef boyardee beef ravioli (I’m a vegetarian), subway seafood sub, chocolate ice cream. I didn’t fulfill any of them. boo! I snagged me some chocolate chip cookies 🙂
No knitting to report. Maybe this weekend… maybe…


One Response to “I’ve been tagged”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Lisa, I’m thrilled to hear your good news. Enjoy every tired, achy, nauseous moment of pregnancy. It’s the only time in your life you can feel physically miserable, but emotionally elated. I’m just sooooooo happy for you. 🙂

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